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Range of vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free consumer products is on an exponential growth trajectory. This shift is
attributed to several reasons such as product innovation, higher awareness towards sustainability and climate impact,
health, ethical concerns, changes in policies and lifestyle.

As a consumer product company how do you keep your target consumers informed about your latest product range,
where to buy them? And how do you connect with distributors, wholesalers and business sourcing teams?

pi2Life Shop Finder and B2B Marketplace digital platforms offers you combined solution for achieving both
objectives with easy to use admin dashboard.


Shop Locations

Customised integration with with Google Maps.
Auto-population of shop details from Google Maps address for added or imported physical shop locations.
Add any number of online sites with one or more delivery locations.
Specify retailer’s name and region when exact locations are not known (e.g. chain store by retailer name in a city or state).
Support for shop locations both for brand and product with price and click-through to purchase page.
Control which shops becomes visible.


Product Catalogue

  Control product visibility on shop finder and B2B marketplace.
  Specify issued verification labels to build credibility and trust.
  Optionally specify prices.
  Receive business inquiries on email or app notification from product page or from company page or brand page.
   Least efforts on creating multiple products in the same product range.
  Ease of use for greater productivity at lower cost.


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